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Yankee South - Fall Edition

It’s been a crazy couple of months (whew)!  We were so excited to introduce Yankee South to the world and the immediate outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming.  We have worked very hard on this brand introduction and so thankful on the positive reviews that have come our way. 

The best feedback we have received so far was when I met a lady at a local festival that shouted “Finally!” when she saw the Yankee South products.  She, like me, loves all the cute southern wear out there but knows it doesn’t fully represent us.  We know we are much more polite since moving here but also know that snarky northern flavor can sneak out at any time. :)

We are loving our introductory products of t-shirts, hats and stickers.  Our t-shirts are a comfy tri-blend material that look and feel great.  We started out with unisex sizing and rolling out women’s cuts this month.  We also have the unstructured mesh trucker hats available in navy, gray and pink.  These hats look amazing on both men and women.  Our stickers are great for cars, trucks, Jeeps, laptops, coolers, cups or anything else that you love to accessorize.  Next up is our fall line of long sleeve wear which will include a lightweight comfy hoodie that looks fab with jeans, leggings, or yoga pants along with cotton jersey knit long sleeves available in unisex and women’s cut in different colors.

We are thrilled for things to come and can’t wait to share with you in the near future.  Continue to send your pics representing your “YS” so we can share to our peeps on social media. 

Thank you as always,

- Tanya

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