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Yankee South - Fall Edition

It’s been a crazy couple of months (whew)!  We were so excited to introduce Yankee South to the world and the immediate outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming.  We have worked very hard on this brand introduction and so thankful on the positive reviews that have come our way.  The best feedback we have received so far was when I met a lady at a local festival that shouted “Finally!” when she saw the Yankee South products.  She, like me, loves all the cute southern wear out there but knows it doesn’t fully represent us.  We know we...

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Yankee South Introduction-Est. 2016

I cannot contain my excitement to introduce Yankee South to everyone. Yankee South has been my dream for over 2 years and I am finally ready to share the vision of the brand.  When I first moved to the South, I immediately wanted to turn around and go back “home” to the North.  Growing up in New York was all I knew and I missed the people, the food, and that Northern “flavor” that is just indescribable.  But as time went on, I began to learn the culture, meet great friends and visit the most beautiful places.  I finally learned...

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